ScholarCHIPS Board Members

Vida Anderson

Board President

"As Yasmine Arrington's Girl Scout leader, I was able to witness first-hand her passion and unwavering compassion for the students that she serves.  I admire her courage and steadfast commitment to developing ScholarCHIPS into an organization with a mission that matters.  When you think of Yasmine, you automatically think of ScholarCHIPS -- they have become one entity that I predict will one day be a household word.  I believe in ScholarCHIPS because Yasmine believes in ScholarCHIPS, and I believe in Yasmine!  She knows that I will always support her and this very worthy cause."

Real Estate Agent

Coldwell Banker

Residential Brokerage

Yasmine Arrington

Founder of ScholarCHIPS


Howard University


Executive Director


"I started ScholarCHIPS because I know firsthand the struggles that come with having a parent in prison--all too often you become marginalized or dismissed as a delinquent. If it weren't for my family and teachers giving me a chance, I would not have made it to where I am today. I simply want to give the gift of support and opportunity back to the generations proceeding behind me!" 

Chris Magnuson


Board Member

Director of Learner Experience


"I got involved with scholarCHIPS because I wanted to support Yasmine in such a worthy cause.  She was my student when she was in my 7th grade history class and it is great to see her come so far!  As an educator in DC for over a decade, I know how incarceration affects the lives of many students.  We need to talk about it more and make sure that children of incarcerated parents get the support they need."


Andranae Nelson

Board Member

Former ScholarCHIPS Award Recipient (2013)

Communications Associate, JPMorgan Chase 

 As a 2013 ScholarCHIPS Book Award recipient and new Board of Director, I want to pay it forward by supporting such young and talented scholars. I am a child of an incarcerated parent and I see myself in all of the scholars I come in contact with. I see their passion for their family and community at large. I see their grit in accomplishing goals and making dreams a reality. I see their resilience in pushing past the negative stereotypes and injustices that plague our society. Yet, I see the silence among us due to fear of judgment; when in actuality, our words have power. As a Communicator, I understand the power of sharing our own unique stories to dismantle the stigmas associated with children of incarcerated parents. If we don't, who will?


Raynna Nkwanyuo


Board Member

Former ScholarCHIPS Award Recipient (2012)

Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Jill R. Cummins

"I am a firm believer that, “one should not be pushed by their problems, but be led by their dreams.” I was honored and truly humbled to be part of the first cohort in 2012 and certainly attribute my success to this organization. As the child of a formerly incarcerated parent and ScholarCHIPS alumna, I am committed to fostering the growth of the scholars and leading by example to encourage rising above statistics. My legal mind and passion towards the mission will certainly make my service enjoyable."

Scott Rechler



Board Treasurer


Director and CEO LearnServe International



"Children of incarcerated parents are among the most under-supported and under-recognized populations in our country -- young people who, through no fault of their own, face emotional, financial, and familial challenges. ScholarCHIPS offers a powerful platform to break the cycle of incarceration by giving children of incarcerated parents the support they need as they continue their education.


I had the opportunity to work with Yasmine Arrington in 2010 when she, as a LearnServe Fellow, began to breathe life into the idea of ScholarCHIPS. I am honored to serve now with what has become a thriving organization with tremendous potential to make a significant impact."


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