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As a junior in high school, excited about social change, Yasmine Arrington became a 2010 Fellow in the LearnServe International Program in Washington, DC. As a participant in the program she was challenged to find a need within her community that she wanted to help solve. At the time, Yasmine and her grandmother were searching for college scholarships, and they discovered that there weren't any scholarships for teens with incarcerated parents.


Yasmine proceeded to conduct research on the statistics of youth in the United States with parents in prison and the results were alarming. Today in the U.S. more than 2 million children have a parent in prison. Niacka Carty, also a LearnServe Fellow in 2010, joined Yasmine in promoting the idea to start a scholarship program for this demographic, as she also had had personal experience with the struggles of having a family member in jail. Yasmine gathered together a group of adults in her life that she trusted to help her turn her idea into a reality.  To date, ScholarCHIPS has awarded over $180,000 in college scholarships and has touched the lives of 61 scholars. With your support, this number will grow every year! 



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