ScholarCHIPS’ mission is to provide college scholarships, mentoring, mental health supports, and a peer support network to college-bound young adults who have incarcerated parents, inspiring them to complete their college education.


ScholarCHIPS envisions a world where children, adolescents, and young adults with incarcerated parents are no longer marginalized and stigmatized by society and are afforded equal opportunity and access to higher education.

Value Proposition

In the United States alone, more than five million children have had a parent in prison at some point in their lives. ScholarCHIPS is the only organization uniquely positioned to provide ongoing tailored supports and resources to young adults who have experienced parental incarceration and are matriculating through college.

Our Story

As a junior in high school, Yasmine Arrington became a 2010 Fellow in the LearnServe International Program in Washington, DC. LearnServe challenged her to help solve a need within the community. At the time, Yasmine and her grandmother were searching for scholarships to help cover her future college tuition, but could not find one for teens like her with incarcerated parents. Realizing that millions of other youth like her have an incarcerated parent and would benefit from a college scholarship and mentorship program tailored to their experience, Yasmine decided to create one herself.

With the support of trusted mentors who Yasmine asked then to be the founding board members, Yasmine established ScholarCHIPS, Inc. (For Children of Incarcerated Parents) in 2010. In October 2010, Yasmine hosted a Kick-Off event in the DC community, where she officially announced the launch of ScholarCHIPS. This ScholarCHIPS Kick-Off event was Yasmine’s Girl Scout Gold Award project. Yasmine serves as the organization’s executive director. 

ScholarCHIPS’ 2024 College Scholarship Application cycle is now closed.

Please check back in November 2024 for the 2025 scholarship application.


Over 2,500 hours of mentorship

Number of scholars to date

Different universities, including HBCUs


Have graduated/are on track to graduate in the next 4-5 years

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Our Programs

Scholarship Program

Mentorship & College Completion Program

Advocacy Program

Mental Health & Wellness Program

Scholar Emergency Fund

In May 2023, ScholarCHIPS’ Founder, Yasmine Arrington Brooks, was named a 2023 CNN Hero! Yasmine made the CNN Heroes Top 10 and was featured on CNN Heroes – An All Star Tribute on nationally and internationally syndicated television on Sunday, December 10, 2023. 

As of July 1, 2023, ScholarCHIPS is officially a United Way National Capital Area Partner and listed on the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). ScholarCHIPS’ United Way NCA donor designation number is 9738. ScholarCHIPS’ CFC code is 81760.

ScholarCHIPS has been recognized by The Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington (now Spur Local) as “one of the best” local nonprofits in 2019-2020 and 2021-2022, for excellence, cost effectiveness and impact.

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“ScholarCHIPS is critical for students like myself who have incarcerated parents. We all are trying to make a difference for ourselves, our families and future children. We are trying to breaking generational cycles, and ScholarCHIPS helps us to do this. ScholarCHIPS keeps us going.”

Ahnyah Phillips
ScholarCHIPS Alumna (2020 Cohort)              Clark Atlanta University Graduate


“I do not know another organization that cares more for their scholars’ success – past, present and future, like ScholarCHIPS does. Once you join ScholarCHIPS, you are a part of a family of people who understand the struggle you’ve gone through, but encourage you to be motivated and driven.”

Noah Dyson
ScholarCHIPS Scholar (2017 Cohort)
Elon University

“ScholarCHIPS has supported me throughout my college journey nonstop with calls, text, support and mentorship! My ScholarCHIPS mentor and I built such a great bond. She really helped me to push through and finish strong!”

Sydnee Davis
ScholarCHIPS Alumna (2017 Cohort)
Hampton University Graduate

“ScholarCHIPS is a family! ScholarCHIPS creates room for like-minded individuals who have the shared experience of having an incarcerated parent, and we grow as a unit!”

DeRonte Craig
ScholarCHIPS Alumnus (2015 Cohort)
Bowie State University Graduate

“ScholarCHIPS treats scholars as more than just scholarship recipients. The ScholarCHIPS team treats us as members of another family – a family that you can rely on for support! ScholarCHIPS has provided me with financial and emotional support through my time in community college and at four-year accredited colleges.”

Eric Osborne
ScholarCHIPS Alumnus (2014 Cohort)
Bowie State University Graduate

“My time with ScholarCHIPS has been one that has been filled with so much love. I am a natural empath, so I tend to gravitate towards spaces that foster a safe environment, of which our ScholarCHIPS family is the best representation of! The ScholarCHIPS family is your personal set of cheerleaders.”

Jasmine Harris
ScholarCHIPS Alumna (2016 Cohort)
North Carolina A&T University Graduate

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